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I need to get the first date (as org.joda.time.LocalDate) of a month and the last one. Getting the first is trivial, but getting the last seems to need some logic as months have different length and February length even varies over years. Is there a mechanism for this already built in to JodaTime or should I implement it myself?

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Just a heads-up, this also works with DateTime types :) – vikingsteve Sep 26 '14 at 11:14
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How about:

LocalDate endOfMonth = date.dayOfMonth().withMaximumValue();

dayOfMonth() returns a LocalDate.Property which represents the "day of month" field in a way which knows the originating LocalDate.

As it happens, the withMaximumValue() method is even documented to recommend it for this particular task:

This operation is useful for obtaining a LocalDate on the last day of the month, as month lengths vary.

LocalDate lastDayOfMonth = dt.dayOfMonth().withMaximumValue();
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Thanks, looks like that's what I need. – Ivan Mar 14 '12 at 23:24
@Jon Skeet How to get this using Java 8's new Date and Time API? – Warren M. Nocos Nov 9 '15 at 12:21
@WarrenM.Nocos: I'd use dt.with(TemporalAdjusters.lastDayOfMonth()) – Jon Skeet Nov 9 '15 at 12:38

An old question, but a top google result when I was looking for this.

If someone needs the actual last day as an int instead using JodaTime you can do this:

public static final int JANUARY = 1;

public static final int DECEMBER = 12;

public static final int FIRST_OF_THE_MONTH = 1;

public final int getLastDayOfMonth(final int month, final int year) {
    int lastDay = 0;

    if ((month >= JANUARY) && (month <= DECEMBER)) {
        LocalDate aDate = new LocalDate(year, month, FIRST_OF_THE_MONTH);

        lastDay = aDate.dayOfMonth().getMaximumValue();

    return lastDay;
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Using JodaTime,we can do this :

    public static final Integer CURRENT_YEAR =;

    public static final Integer CURRENT_MONTH =;

    public static final Integer LAST_DAY_OF_CURRENT_MONTH =

    public static final Integer LAST_HOUR_OF_CURRENT_DAY =

    public static final Integer LAST_MINUTE_OF_CURRENT_HOUR =;

    public static final Integer LAST_SECOND_OF_CURRENT_MINUTE =;

    public static DateTime getLastDateOfMonth() {
        return new DateTime(CURRENT_YEAR, CURRENT_MONTH,

As describe here in my small gist on github : A JodaTime and java.util.Date Util Class with a lot of usefull functions.

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Month.values()[month - 1].length(year % 4 == 0)




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