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I have a set like so

{date: 20120101}
{date: 20120103}
{date: 20120104}
{date: 20120005}
{date: 20120105}

How do I save a subset of those documents with the date '20120105' to another collection?

i.e db.subset.save(db.full_set.find({date: "20120105"}));

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Here's the shell version:

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As of 2.2, insert can take an array of docs, so you could do var docs = ...find(...).toArray(); db.coll.insert(docs). I haven't found performance to be very good in either case, though –  Michael Haren Mar 1 '13 at 2:58

Actually, there is an equivalent of SQL's insert into ... select from in MongoDB. First, you convert multiple documents into an array of documents; then you insert the array into the target collection

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There's no direct equivalent of SQL's insert into ... select from ....

You have to take care of it yourself. Fetch documents of interest and save them to another collection.

You can do it in the shell, but I'd use a small external script in Ruby. Something like this:

require 'mongo'

db = Mongo::Connection.new.db('mydb')

source = db.collection('source_collection')
target = db.collection('target_collection')

source.find(date: "20120105").each do |doc|
  target.insert doc
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As a newer solution I would advise to use Aggregation framework for the problem:

db.full_set.aggregate([ { $match: { date: "20120105" } }, { $out: "subset" } ]);

It works about 100 times faster than forEach at least in my case

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The most general solution is this:

Make use of the aggregation (answer given by @melan):

db.full_set.aggregate({$match:{your query here...}},{$out:"sample"})


This works even when there are documents in "subset" before the operation and you want to preserve those "old" documents and just insert a new subset into it.

Care must be taken, because the copyTo() command replaces the documents with the same _id.

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