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Is there any way to make a defun in common-lisp change global variables? In the following example, is there any way to make foo have the value 3 from inside the function?

The example is from sbcl

  • (defparameter foo "foo")


  • foo


  • (defun bar (y) (declare (special y)) (print y) (setf y 3) (print y))


  • (bar foo)


  • foo


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Yes. You can use setf (documented here) to set the value of all variables, including global ones. For example:

(defparameter foo "foo") ; => FOO
(defun bar () (setf foo 3)) ; => BAR
foo ; => "foo"
(bar) ; => 3
foo ; => 3

The reason your function was not altering the value of foo was because your setf form was setting the value of y rather than foo.


Ah, I think I see what you want to do here. You can use the set function to do this; (setq alpha "beta") is (roughly) equivalent to (set 'alpha "beta"). So, if we change our function to use set, we get:

(defparameter foo "foo")
(defun bar (sym) (set sym 3))
foo ; => "foo"
(bar 'foo)
foo ; => 3

Note that this isn't necessarily setting a global variable, though:

(defparameter baz 1)
(let ((baz 2))
  baz ; => 2
  (bar 'baz)
  baz) ; => 3
baz ; => 1
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So is there any way to pass a global variable to a function and then have that function change that particular global argument? – Ravi Desai Mar 15 '12 at 16:39
Updated answer, do that help? – Huw Mar 16 '12 at 1:30
That does help. Thank you for helping me out. – Ravi Desai Mar 16 '12 at 18:23

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