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New to Mongodb,trying to get _id after mongodb insert without a round trip.

$.ajax( { url: "https://api.mongolab.com/api/1/databases/xxx/collections/xx?apiKey=xxx",
          data: JSON.stringify( [ { "x" : 2,"c1" : 34,"c2" : getUrlVars()["c2"]} ] ),
          type: "POST",
          contentType: "application/json" } );


edit: Solved buy removing square bracers JSON.stringify( { "x" : 2,"c1" : 34,"c2" : getUrlVars()["c2"]} )

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You can't get the _id of the object without waiting for a response because the _id is generated on the server. You need to attach a success call to your request. The id is actually returned as a $oid member within an _id object.

This is assuming you are using $.ajax to make the request and the MongoLab REST API as documented at http://support.mongolab.com/entries/20433053-rest-api-for-mongodb

For example:

$.ajax( { url: 'https://api.mongolab.com/api/1/databases/xxx/collections/xx?apiKey=xxx',
          data: JSON.stringify( {"x" : 1 } ),
          type: "POST",
          contentType: "application/json"}
      ).success(function(returnedData) {
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According to the MongoLab REST API docs, the square braces are for inserting multiple docs at a time. For a single document, you simply need to JSON.Stringify a single valid JSON (BSON) document.

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What REST API are you using? MongoDB does not ship with a REST API that does what you are trying to do.

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I am using one provided with mongolab link –  abhi Mar 15 '12 at 16:14

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