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does somebody know how to create a gwt-mobile project with eclipse? i would like to program a mobile web app with gwt-mobile and maybe a little bit later with the gwt next interface framework. i have never made a mobile web app and i dont know how to do it. there is no tutorial how to install everything or rather how to create a mobile web project with gwt mobile on eclipse. i would like to start with coding but i dont know how to install everything. Please help!

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Its Very Simple,

Just Download the JAR File from here,

  1. Create a new GWT Project.
  2. Add this Jar to the Project Build path.
  3. Start Working with the Library

I hope you know how to develop an app when you have a JAR Library available....

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yes i know thank you very much. – Pero Mar 16 '12 at 17:09

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