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If I have a tbody with some tr children nodes, how can I give each tr a user specified value that can be used to identify it?

For example I want to do something like:

mytr1 = mytbody.createElement('tr');
mytr2 = mytbody.createElement('tr');

mytr1.userident = 'firstname';
mytr2.userident = 'lastname';


Then have the ability for one child to access its sibling like:


I don't want to use id's because the objects are dynamically created and destroyed, and names are not valid for tr elements.

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You could use datasets.
It's HTML5, but it's fairly supported. Datasets support

Here's how to use them :

mytr1 = mytbody.createElement('tr');
mytr2 = mytbody.createElement('tr');

mytr1.dataset.userident = 'firstname';
mytr2.dataset.userident = 'lastname';


For accessing them,
implying you're using event binding and handling :

var userident = evt.target.dataset.userident;


Actually it's supported by all browsers right now.
The only partially supported part is the access to the .dataset property.
Simply use .getAttribute('data-userident') and .setAttribute('data-userident','firstname') on your elements.

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Sweet! I knew there must have been something like this, because its so useful. I just couldn't figure out what to search for. –  Myforwik Mar 15 '12 at 3:39

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