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I have few questions on hibernate with inheritance (single table),
Can the foreign key be on the abstract class? - what if one of the child not using it?
Should vehicle members be protected?
Please share any other thoughts!
Thank you!

Here is an example:

@Table(name = "vehicles")
public abstract class Vehicle {

@Column(name = "plate" ,nullable = false)
private String plate;

private List<EmissionInspection> insepections = new ArrayList<EmissionInspection>();

public List<EmissionInspection> getInsepections() {
    return insepections;


@Table(name = "truck")
public class PSTruck extends Vehicle {


@Table(name = "truck")
public class Truck extends Vehicle {

    private insuranceDate;

@Table(name = "truck")
public class PrivateCar extends Vehicle {

    private insuranceDate;      
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"Can the foreign key be on the abstract class?" -> yes

"if one of the child not using it?" -> then it is nullreference there

"Should vehicle members be protected? " -> if you have public getter/setter no, otherwise if you need to get/set without a public get/set then yes

the tablename of the abstract class and the other classes are different. Normally the inheriting classes don't have any @Table annotation

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Thank you.......! –  user648026 Mar 16 '12 at 1:34

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