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         <body onload="checknorecords('<%= request.getAttribute("CHK")%>')">
             function checknorecords(obj)

               alert("No PO Records found for given details");
    alert("No RPLN Records found for given details");

It takes more than 30 minutes , I have JSP page, have called more than one function in onload with getAttribute also.so all the pages are working dead slow of those function.may i use jquery instead of this.Please tell me the way to resolve this problem.thanks in Advance.

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onLoad fires after every asset is completely loaded on the page. That means all JavaScripts, CSS and Image. If you have a lot of images on the page, it might take a while for them to load. You might want to consider using onDomReady instead of onLoad. However, having a page that takes 30 seconds to load is sort of ridiculous. So I suggest you read up on web performance optimization.

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I would add that if your page took that long, many of your punters would just give up. About 5 seconds is as much as most people will tolerate. –  Ed Heal Mar 15 '12 at 4:32

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