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$repository = $this->getDoctrine()->getRepository('ParabolaEntityBundle:ProjectAllocation');
        $query = $repository->createQueryBuilder('p')
                ->where('p.startDate < :sdate and p.employee = :emp and p.endDate > :edate')
                ->setParameter('sdate', date('Y-m-d', time()))
                ->setParameter('edate', date('Y-m-d', time()))
                ->setParameter('emp', $employee->getId())
        $projectAllocate = $query->getResult();

how can i use above code in FormType class.I am using this query to generate array for the choice type in form builder.

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I think you should use entity type instead which has a query_builder option.

This link:


Describes how to do it.

If, for some reason you really don't want to use entity type, you could always retrieve data within controller and pass it via FormType constructor, which is a little bit quick 'n' dirty but should work just fine...


$this->createForm(new MyFormType($results_from_qb), $form_data );


public function __construct($results_from_qb){
    $this->results_from_qb = $results_from_qb; // store it into class member field to be used latter in buildForm method
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In entity form type how to use nested query, because in my case i have to get project entity base on projectallocation entity. –  Vasani Rajesh C. Mar 15 '12 at 8:57
There is definitely a way to do it, could you just please explain me how those two entities are related? Uni/Bidirectional? Cardinality? –  Jovan Perovic Mar 15 '12 at 9:41
I have a similar problem. I have a two entities that I do not want to use relationship between them. I found related questions and answers: How to pass data to formBuilder and Passing data from controller –  renoirb May 23 '12 at 1:12

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