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I have created a profile using the manageprofiles.sh command as ./manageprofiles.sh -create -profileName OMK -profilePath "${WS_HOME}/profiles/AppSrvOMK" -templatePath "${WS_HOME}/profileTemplates/default" -nodeName AppSrv01Node -cellName AppSrv01NodeCell -omitAction samplesInstallAndConfig defaultAppDeployAndConfig

To deploy it/ to see the server onto the admin console what do I need to do

Pls let me know

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You are creating a profile which looks like a stand alone. A default server - "server1" should be created for you.

If this is the first profile you are creating the ports should be the default ones.


should be your admin console.

I would look at the logs first and see if the profile creation is completed. If yes, go to the profiles bin directory and issue serverstatus -all.

This should list server1 for you.

Issue startserver server1 to start your server and once it is started visit the admin console URL and you are ready to go.



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Hi, In WAS 5, we used to create a server from Admin Console by servers->application serevers-> application server and then "add new server" functionality After the introduction of profiles, the "add new server" from admin console is not there So, how do I achieve the same thing in WAS 7 ND. i.e creating a new server in the same node/cell Thanks –  siva Mar 15 '12 at 10:10

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