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I'm creating a program that, among other things, pulls and saves APIs from and to an XML file. An API in this case is just an object with an ID integer and a vCode String. I am storing the variables as attributes and trying to parse this XML to DOM. The problem at present is that the NodeList I populate with APIs fails to store the vCode. I can't figure out exactly where the problem lies.

Here is the XML file in question at the time of the occurrence of the bug:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Here is the relevant code. The situation is that the method apisToJava is called:

import java.io.IOException;
import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder;
import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory;
import javax.xml.parsers.ParserConfigurationException;
import org.w3c.dom.Document;
import org.w3c.dom.Element;
import org.w3c.dom.NodeList;
import org.xml.sax.SAXException;

public class XMLToJava {
    private Document dom;
    private DocumentBuilderFactory dbf = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();

    public ArrayList<ApiAuthorization> apisToJava(){    
        ArrayList<ApiAuthorization> apis = new ArrayList<ApiAuthorization>();

        //get the root element
        Element docEle = dom.getDocumentElement();

        //get a nodelist of elements
        NodeList nl = docEle.getElementsByTagName("API");
        if(nl != null && nl.getLength() > 0) {
            for(int i = 0 ; i < nl.getLength();i++) {

                //get the test element
                Element elementToAdd = (Element)nl.item(i);

                //get the ApiAuth object
                ApiAuthorization authToAdd = new ApiAuthorization(getIntValue(elementToAdd,"ID"), 

                //add it to list
        return apis;

    private String getTextValue(Element ele, String tagName) {
        String textVal = null;
        NodeList nl = ele.getElementsByTagName(tagName);
        if(nl != null && nl.getLength() > 0) {
            Element el = (Element)nl.item(0);
            textVal = el.getAttribute(tagName);

        return textVal;

    private int getIntValue(Element ele, String tagName) {
        return Integer.parseInt(ele.getAttribute(tagName));

    private void retrieveData(String filename){
            DocumentBuilder db = dbf.newDocumentBuilder();
            dom = db.parse(filename);
        }catch(SAXException se){
        }catch(ParserConfigurationException pce){
        }catch(IOException ioe){

Here is a watch of "dom" immediately after the line "dom = db.parse(filename);":

Watch of "dom". The information appears to have successfully been read at this point.

Here is a watch of "docEle" immediately after the line "Element docEle = dom.getDocumentElement();" The ID was read correctly, but the value of vCode is null:

Watch of "docEle". The ID was read correctly, but the value of vCode is null

It's been recommended that I use child elements instead of attributes to store data, but I wish to avoid that unless there's a really good reason not to. Is there something I should be looking for that I haven't caught?

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Why can't you directly call ele.getAttribute(tagName) for vCode as you have done for ID in getIntValue()?? –  Sunil Kumar B M Mar 15 '12 at 5:45
You are right, I can do that differently. I will certainly make this change. However, it does not impact the problem at hand, as the element in question is still storing the vCode as null instead of the string specified in the XML file. –  Saltpeter Mar 15 '12 at 5:56

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