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I have a query that is supposed to be running on oracle , Here is the snippet

        CASE WHEN eff_dt <= CURRENT_DATE and ((trmn_dt is null) or (trmn_dt > CURRENT_DATE)) THEN 'Y'
            ELSE 'N'

but we also have couple of derby based unit tests that run same query.

Now the thing is I want to change it to either use SYSDATE or use CURRENT_DATE+1/24. (to fix central and east coast client-server time zone diff issue)

But SYSDATEis not supported by derby and arithmetic syntax of derby is different from oracle .

How do I fix this road block?

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Any reason not to run Oracle Express to be able to test on as similar a DBMS as possible?… – Joachim Isaksson Mar 15 '12 at 5:50

I'm not to familiar with derby, but you can probably create a function that can return the right date. Then create a similar function in oracle with the same name.
Your query will look then (both in oracle and derby) like this:

select username,
       CASE WHEN eff_dt <= YOUR_FUNCTION_NAME and ((trmn_dt is null) 
              or (trmn_dt > YOUR_FUNCTION_NAME)) THEN 'Y'
            ELSE 'N'
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