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Hello I am new to facebook app development and working over my first app. My app includes the functionality of retrieving user profile picture and merges it with another picture.

Problem is the picture format of the profile picture that facebook will be returning cannot be determined learned it here, so I decided to keep .gif as a default file Type and created a condition to check the type and then convert any format to a .gif format so it can be used further.

But the problem is while during the conversion process the picture loses its quality to a very big extent which of course not acceptable in an ideal situation.

// Create image instances
$url = "http://graph.facebook.com/{$userId}/picture?type=large";
$dpImage = 'temp/' . $userId . '_dpImage_' . rand();
file_put_contents($dpImage, file_get_contents($url));
$dpImageGif = 'temp/' . $userId . '_dpImageGif_' . rand() . '.gif';

if (exif_imagetype($dpImage) == IMAGETYPE_GIF) {
$imageObject = imagecreatefromgif($dpImage);
if (exif_imagetype($dpImage) == IMAGETYPE_JPEG) {
$imageObject = imagecreatefromjpeg($dpImage);
if (exif_imagetype($dpImage) == IMAGETYPE_PNG) {
$imageObject = imagecreatefrompng($dpImage);
imagegif($imageObject, $dpImageGif);

$src = imagecreatefromgif($dpImageGif);
$dest = imagecreatefromgif($textImage);

$dst_x = 3;
$dst_y = 69;
$src_x = 0;
$src_y = 0;
$src_w = imagesx($imageObject);
$src_h = imagesy($imageObject);
$pct = 100;

imagecopyresampled($dest, $src, $dst_x, $dst_y, $src_x, $src_y, 200, 280, 180, 252);
$resultImage = "temp/" . $userId . '_resultImage_' . rand() . ".gif";
imagegif($dest, $resultImage);

Is there a way to work around with this without losing the image quality. Kindly help me through this Thank you.

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1 Answer

Keep the original image format because I believe GIF is only working with 256 colors.

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