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I have tried a whole wack of fixes for my problem but haven't encountered a solution that works...
The problem is simple...
Let's say you have this directory structure:


What I am basically trying to do is: Create a folder...eg: folder2


and then move image1 and image2 into folder2

The php script is located in admin which is where I have designed the move action to be performed.

I have tried:
rename('../img/folder1/image1.png', '../img/folder2/image1.png'); which failed

copy('../img/folder1/image1.png', '../img/folder2/image1.png'); which also failed

I can use copy and rename when the path to the file is the same...eg:

rename('../img/folder1/image1.png', '../img/folder1/image3.png');

This renamed image1.png to image3.png (image1.png no longer existed on the server and image3.png was created by the server)

copy('../img/folder1/image1.png', '../img/folder1/image3.png');

This made a duplicate of image1.png called image3.png (both image1.png and image3.png were on the server) There's all permissions on folders in the apache server
...And I noticed that you can do:

and then do

as long as the folder exists...for some reason it doesn't like to move when mkdir() is used right before the file_put_contents()

This is basically my code:

$path = "img/"; //Generated somewhere in code above
$old_folder = "folder1/"; //Generated somewhere in code above
$folder = "folder2/"; //Generated somewhere in code above

$tmp_old_path = "../$path$old_folder";
$tmp_new_path = "../$path$folder";


$FP = scandir($tmp_old_path);

foreach ($FP as $key => $val){
    if($val != '.' && $val != '..'){
        $str_contents = file_get_contents($tmp_old_path.$val);
        file_put_contents($tmp_new_path.$val, $str_contents);
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"Failed" how? Any error messages? – deceze Mar 15 '12 at 6:03
Are you working on Linux or Windows?You should check the folder2 permission if using Linux. – Magic Mar 15 '12 at 6:15
Does your script have write permissions on folder2? – Marc B Mar 15 '12 at 6:17
failed = returned false/nothing happened I'm working on windows (apache server) all permissions available I should edit this to say that I am using mkdir(); to create new folders... – Mr. Meeseeks Mar 15 '12 at 6:32
Activate error reporting and/or look at your logs. Usually there's a warning generated if a file can't be moved/accessed/opened. – deceze Mar 15 '12 at 6:34

Try with below snippet. Make sure you've enough permission to execute exec command

$cmd = 'mv "../img/folder1/image1.png" "../img/folder2/image1.png"';
exec($cmd, $output, $return_val);

if ($return_val == 0) {
   echo "success";
} else {
   echo "failed";
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In case of rename (default behavior in most of linux flavored server) it implicitly calls the mkdir() , if destination path does not exists, but fails to give file permission. so need to call chmod explicitly – Swatantra K Mar 15 '12 at 9:51
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I found the answer to my question...

and it was a permissions problem on the server I was using.

I was able to transfer to another server and I am now able to use the rename function.

Now I know -.-

$old_folder = 'image/folder1';
$new_folder = 'image/folder2';

rename($old_folder, $new_folder);

It's usually permission problems from what I've seen online...derp!

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I removed the mkdir() as well...Don't need it since rename uses it implicitly. The server I was using made it impossible to create a folder with public write permissions. So I switched to another server and that fixed it... – Mr. Meeseeks Mar 15 '12 at 16:30

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