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I need to use supersized plugin on my ajax page. But i think there's no any destroy function for supersized. How can i set supersized again when i call my function below?



just add this to supersized gallery close button...

function getSuperSized(arr,startSlide){
      $("body").append("<div class='supersizedHolder'></div>");
      $(".supersizedHolder").append("<div id='supersized-loader'></div><ul id='supersized'></ul>")
      var innerContent= supersized elements goes here...

      $(".closeSupersized") /*remove supersized holder and back to page*/

      var superSizedImages=[];
      for(var i=0;i<arr.length;i++){
          var img=pageUrl+"assets/content/large/"+arr[i].media.content[0].media
          superSizedImages.push({image : img, title : '', thumb : '', url : ''})

            options goes here....
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Could you please post your solution as an answer and accept it, instead of putting it in the question? – Chris Morgan May 7 '12 at 0:31

This message is to remove the question from the Unanswered list.

Is already solved in the main question through multiple editions.

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