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does anyone know the alternative for --log-pmd,--log-metrics?

<arg line="--colors --coverage-html ${basedir}/build/report
             --log-junit ${basedir}/build/logs/phpunit.xml 
             --log-pmd ${basedir}/build/logs/phpunit.pmd.xml
             --log-metrics ${basedir}/build/logs/phpunit.metrics.xml
             --coverage-clover ${basedir}/build/logs/phpunit.coverage.xml 

in phpunit 3.6 does not have --log-pmd,--log-metrics commands please anyone tell how do i write these command in 3.6 phpunit version

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PHPUnit 3.6 does not have the functionally behind those switches anymore.

--log-pmd was removed because of the way more useful and more powerful project

PHPMD - PHP Mess Detector that you can use standalone without phpunit

While --log-metrics was removed and for all things metrics you want to turn to the

PHP_Depend software analyzer and metric tool.

For basic metrics and a project size overview (loc, nloc, cc, avg. cc/method) there is the phploc command line tool.

Documentation on how to use those tools (with ant)

can be found over at Looking at the build.xml you will see how to use those to generate CLI and xml output.

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... 'that you can use standalone without phpunit'. Thought that. Now I'm sure. Thanks! :) – hek2mgl Feb 1 '13 at 17:49

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