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gives me this:

[post] =>
[verify] => 3bae5359ea60d7f00d553ae5d091ae4b
[token] => 

token is set, but null, right? When I implement this:

if (!isset($_SESSION['token'])) {
    die("Token not set");

The script dies. Why is this happening?

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The value may be null. – HabeebPerwad Mar 15 '12 at 6:58
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From the documentation -

bool isset ( mixed $var [, mixed $... ] )

isset determines if a variable is set and is not NULL

Also -

Return Values: Returns TRUE if var exists and has value other than NULL, FALSE otherwise.

So, if the supplied argument contains NULL or if it simply doesn't exist, then isset will return FALSE. This is exactly what is happening with your script and as a result, it dies.

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Ah, silly me. Thanks. (will accept when it lets me in 10m) – Norse Mar 15 '12 at 7:00

There is no value in $_SESSION['token'] that's why it is falling in if condition and dies.

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