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I'm working on an image-processing software on iPhone and get stuck in the selective color function as photoshop.

How to caculate new RGB values after selective color adjustment on a pixel via code?

I mean how to create a tool which has the same function as Photoshop's selective color(In Image->Adjustment->Selective Color).

Special thx!

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if you can, edit your question rather than extend it in comments. Not everyone reads comments as closely as they read questions and answer, after all comments generally have a much lower SNR than Qs&As. – High Performance Mark Mar 15 '12 at 9:24
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Finally I sampled data of images which have be processed by photoshop, and got a quadratic curve with hue. But it is not exactly the same as photoshop's.

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I have come across a code which uses image buffer to manipulate alpha of an image but the same can be used to manipulate rgb as well see this link

See this sample it will give a general idea of image manipulation in objective c

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