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hi i am using PHP i want to pass an integer value (1-12) and get corresponding month name , is there a way in PHP to do that or i have to do t my own by initialize a month names array.

i want to do like

$month_name = get_month_name(1);

echo $month_name ; //echo january

thanks in advance

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echo date('F', strtotime("2012-$int-01"));
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Simple and easy to implement! –  Rossco Apr 24 at 8:01

Another built in way would be

$monthInt = 3;
$monthName = DateTime::createFromFormat('m', $monthInt)->format('F');

I would be nice if PHP had a built in way of getting date names without creating a date object.

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Use this code to get month name by giving an integer value PHP

  function get_month_name($inp)
  return date("F", strtotime(date("d-$inp-y")));
  $month_name = get_month_name("1");
  echo $month_name;
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function get_month_name($month)
    $months = array(
        1   =>  'January',
        2   =>  'February',
        3   =>  'March',
        4   =>  'April',
        5   =>  'May',
        6   =>  'June',
        7   =>  'July',
        8   =>  'August',
        9   =>  'September',
        10  =>  'October',
        11  =>  'November',
        12  =>  'December'

    return $months[$month];
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i can do this , i asked , is there any PHP built in functions to do this –  Kanishka Panamaldeniya Mar 15 '12 at 7:30
$month  = 1; //month in numeric
echo date('F', mktime(0, 0, 0, $month, 10)); //print January 
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