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Hi guyz I have this scenario.. I have a looped table of different class(Class Name) in my view... My problem is I want to count the number of students that are present and absent.. where am I suppose to have the counting? Is it in the view? cotroller? or model? and how am I going do that? I'm quite new to this so please help me guyz.. Thanks in advance.. If you need more info please tell me..

Class Name: Star Class 
Class Adviser: James Anderson
|  Students Status |
|Johny Jo | Absent |
|Jenny Ye | Present|

number of present: ?
number of absent: ?
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Your best off doing this in the controller. What is the structure to all this though? String? or Array? etc – Doomsknight Mar 15 '12 at 7:57
Im using string in my model.. – bot Mar 15 '12 at 8:03

Something like: int presentCount = attendees.Count(a => a.Status == Attendance.Present) in your controller. I'm not sure how you are storing the information, so I've just taken a punt that there is a collection of attendees that have some kind of flag to show the status.

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+1 ok dude.. I'm gonna try that later when I go home.. :) thanks for the suggestion.. – bot Mar 15 '12 at 9:39

Do it in the Controller. Depending on how you have this modeled:

var count_present = db.YourModel
.Where(y => y.status.Equals("Present"))
ViewBag.count_present = count_present;

var count_absent = db.YourModel
.Where(y => y.status.Equals("Absent"))
ViewBag.count_present = count_absent;

I'm using a ViewBag here to keep it simple, normally I'd use a View Model.

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