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i am searching a folder for text files and i am adding those files found into a new array called mytext

this is my code

function fileList = removeElements(fileArray)

x = 1;
mytext = [];

for idx = 1:numel(fileArray)

if (~isempty(strfind(fileArray(idx),'.txt')  )) 

    mytext(x) = fileArray(idx)




But iam getting a error

??? The following error occurred converting from cell to double:
Error using ==> double
Conversion to double from cell is not possible.

Error in ==> removeElements at 10
        mytext(x) = fileArray(idx)

How can i overcome this ?

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Strings are generally stored in cell arrays. So you need to index with {}, not ():

mytext{x} = fileArray{idx};
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then fileArray(idx) also should be fileArray{idx} right ? –  klijo Mar 15 '12 at 8:40

You can select the *.txt files from a list via

txtFiles = allFiles(cellfun(@(c)(~isempty(strfind('.txt',c))),allFiles));

The ~isempty(strfind('.txt',c)) construction returns true if the string c contains the string '.txt' and false otherwise. The allFiles(...) construction returns a cell array of just those elements of the cell array allFiles for which the cellfun construction returns true.

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