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I put file alma_mater.kar into folder assets/sounds
When I try to get AssetsFileDescriptor, an error occurs

    AssetFileDescriptor afd = this.getResources().getAssets().openFd("sounds/alma_mater.kar");

When I put renamed file alma_mater.mid, no errors. Why?
Project based on Google API [Android 2.2] on eclipse
My device is LG P500 (Optimus One) updated to V20d (Android 2.3.3)

03-15 10:23:15.959: W/System.err(32076): java.io.FileNotFoundException: This file can not be opened as a file descriptor; it is probably compressed
03-15 10:23:15.959: W/System.err(32076): at android.content.res.AssetManager.openAssetFd(Native Method)
03-15 10:23:15.959: W/System.err(32076): at android.content.res.AssetManager.openFd(AssetManager.java:330)

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Based on a quick google search and the contents of your exception, I suspect that Android is treating KAR files as "keep-it archive" files rather than MIDI files. Is there any reason you can't keep it named with .mid and just parse it as a KAR file?

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