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I'm building an visual studio 2010 addin and trying to hook into an event when the solution is loaded.

Basically what I have found is that SolutionEvents.Opened seems to be what I'm looking for, however listening to it in OnConnection does not seem to be working:

public void OnConnection(object application, ext_ConnectMode connectMode, object addInInst, ref Array custom)
  applicationObject = (DTE2)application;
  var outputWindow = (OutputWindow)applicationObject.Windows.Item(Constants.vsWindowKindOutput).Object;
  outputWindowPane = outputWindow.OutputWindowPanes.Add("My Pane");
  applicationObject.Events.SolutionEvents.Opened += SolutionEventsOnOpened;

private void SolutionEventsOnOpened()

The only thing outputed is "Connected".

I have tried to listen to SolutionItemsEvents.ItemAdded and SolutionEvents.ProjectAdded and also they do not fire.

Should I init the events elsewhere? (Note I have R# installed, perhaps it is knowed to cause issues?)

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Found the solution here: http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/kolbis/archive/2007/11/22/hooking-up-to-the-solution-events.aspx

Basically, you need to declare members at your add-in class scope for the SolutionEvents and Events variables, and assign them, and then reference the eventhandlers through that. E.g.

    private Events2 m_events;
    private SolutionEvents m_solutionEvents;

then in the OnConnection handler (when your plugin gets initialised) do this:

    m_application = Application as DTE2;

    m_events = (Events2)m_application.Events;
    m_solutionEvents = m_events.SolutionEvents;

and finally, wire up the solution Opened/AfterClosing events, as follows:

    m_solutionEvents.Opened += m_openSolution;
    m_solutionEvents.AfterClosing += m_closeSolution;

Then the events will fire.

I presume the reason for doing this is because otherwise the Events/SolutionEvents objects get changed or GC'd (or both ;-).


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