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I'm looking for an API, or a solution, to find blog posts on the web. I have few keywords passed by a user (like "fashion hats") and I want to get a list of blog posts that match it. Importants is the freshness of the post and the relevancy of the source.

Is anything already out there?

Thanks a lot

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It's hard to select for date and for relevance at the same time. Here's how you do it with blekko:


This shows, sorted by relevance, the search string [hats] limited to the human-curated slashtag /fashion, reduced by the algorithmic slashtag /blogs, within the last month.

Alternately, you can sort by date instead of relevance:


Our free API can be used to fetch these results -- contact us at apiauth@blekko.com for details.

I'd point you at some interesting URLs that list the good human-curated slashtags and clues about other advanced slasthag usage, but Stack Overflow's reputation system says I'm too much of a n00b to do so.

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This is no longer relevant, free API was depreciated. –  salivan Nov 24 '13 at 17:25

I know of at least two: 1) yahoo boss which costs .10 per thousand results, and blekko also has an api that can search blogs. You'll need to inquire about the specifics directly with blekko at apiauth@blekko.com.

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