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Im new to GWT, this should be a simple question i hope.

Imagine that i made two Uibinders Modules or two independent widgets.(this a simplify example to expose my problem)

one is a set of buttons (ButtonPanel) and the other image to been show when i press a button from the previous panel(ImagePAnel) with a label to be the title of the image.

How can i reach the wiget the imagePanel to actuate when there are a handler click from the buttons in the (ButtonPanel)

Thanks for the help.

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I recommend you to use MVP Pattern for Development and add all events in the Presenter.

Or Else you can use the following technique within the UIBinder's Java File

public void onOpenButtonClick(ClickEvent clickEvent){

Just Create an Object of the Images & the ImagePanel to be loaded and add it on button click using this.

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I can't say I understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish but in general the best way for different components in a GUI application to communicate is to use the eventbus pattern. There's one global Eventbus object in the application that lets components subscribe to a specified type of event that are fired from any place in your application. This way you avoid spaghetti code and your components are loosely coupled.


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I typically create a third component that is the container for the Button and Image components you defined. This component sets itself as a callback for the two and contains logic to integrate the two.

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