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I am looking for options to manage the ui-layout of an ember application I am currently working on.

The application has to be very flexible (configurable) when it comes to the ui-layout - so having layout-containers with regions like "top", "left", "center", "right" and "bottom" which can be nested whould be a good fit (thats how most layout-managers manage layout).

I found a few solutions, but am somehow undecided:

  1. yui2-layout-manager (Demo) Seems a bit old/clunky, successor, yui3-layoutmanager, is in "planning" stage since months (years?)

  2. jquery-ui-layout (Demo) Looks a bit bloated. Codebase is not public: As it seems the project-owner does not want it to be too public(?) (from what i read in the google-group, someone asked why its not on github...)

  3. dojotoolkit (Demo) Seems quit a bit "obtrusive"

All in all no solution feels "good" to me and I wonder if I should better write the layout-managing-logic myself. What do you think?

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Check those two addons:

Also check the demo

Edit: I think this project: is extremely close to what you want.

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I know ember-layout, but this has nothing to do with automatic screen-space-management (positioning & resizing of screen-regions). – fpauser Mar 16 '12 at 15:30

JQuery ui-layout is a problem with Ember, because ui-layout requires a ui-layout-center element at layout time, but Ember {{outlet}}'s typically defer the presence of these.

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Any ideas for a work around? – Paul Apr 22 '14 at 8:51

You may have a look at Twitter's Bootstrap. It has a layout classes set.

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Developing a jQuery-UI themed application... So Bootstrap is not an option. Besides this I am looking for a full featured layout-manager which supports resizing of regions, show/hide etc. – fpauser Mar 19 '12 at 15:32
jQuery does alot of DOM manipulations which is not good if you want to develop a rich interactive application, I prefer bootstrap which has most of the required UI widgets that jQuery UI provides...At the end it's up to your requirement – Mudassir Ali Sep 13 '12 at 6:28
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I finally found it:

"[..] The jLayout JavaScript library provides layout algorithms for laying out components. A component is an abstraction; it can be implemented in many ways, for example as items in a HTML5 Canvas drawing or as HTML elements. The jLayout library allows you to focus on drawing the individual components instead of on how to arrange them on your screen. [..]"

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