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suppose i have a dataframe like this which describes the range of coverage by an item identified in column V4.

         V1       V2       V3 V4 V5
126140 chrY 16743653 16743923 A 169
126141 chrY 16946723 16946993 B 161
126142 chrY 17861310 17861669 G 142
126143 chrY 21567578 21567886 D 128
126144 chrY 22960195 22960471 E 203

where V2 and V3 describes a range covered by an item identified in column V4. i want to find the degree of overlap by elements from V4 at each point along the entire length of chromosome Y how will i do this? I would eventually want to plot this into a line plot using ggplot.

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This question needs considerable clarification. Could you define "degree of overlap", and "point" here? Is each row a "point"? By "degree of overlap" at each point, do you simply mean the difference between V2 and V3 for each row? Does each item in V4 only occur once? This may be The Internets, but the odd capital letter to begin a sentence wouldn't go astray... ;) –  jbaums Mar 15 '12 at 14:19
Take a look at the packages in bioconductor. I would guess that this is a common problem that has probably been solved there. –  Brian Diggs Mar 15 '12 at 16:02
Sorry if I wasnt clear and beg my pardon on my informality. I wish to find the degree of overlap for the entire Y chromosome at unit intervals of eg. 100bp so that I can plot a line plot. –  altimit Mar 29 '12 at 17:02

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