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I am using mybatis to do a simple select. Let me explain...

Assume we have the following classes:

class Book {
  private String bookName;

  public Book(String bookName){
    this.bookName = bookName;

  public String getBookName(){return bookName;}

class Student {
   private String studentName;
   private Book book;

   public Student(){}

//getters and setters

I have an annotation on a method that returns a Student object.

@Select("Select studentName, book from Students")

My Issue is that book is always null. I was under the assumption Mybatis will call the constructor with that JDBC type (in this case String) to populate book. What am i missing or doing incorrectly?

Many thanks


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One option is

Use @ConstructorArgs annotations to explicitly call Constructor method.

@Select("Select studentName, book from Students")
@ConstructorArgs(value = { 
@Arg(column = "studentName", javaType=java.lang.String.class),
@Arg(column = "book", javaType = java.lang.String.class)

and pass them to Student constructor, which calls Book constructor.

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