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Basically I have a DataTable A (see - http://i.imgur.com/cvTMB.png) which contains dates with their corresponding days.

I also have another DataTable B which contains the list of days a retailer can delivery on (see - http://i.imgur.com/fmSeg.png)

What I want to do is loop through each row in DataTable A and if the day is in DataTable B then display it to the screen.

So far I have this but now I am stuck.

    // Firstly call the stored procedure to obtain the list available delivery dates (this is basically today plus 14 days)
DataTable availableDatesRecord = new DataTable();
B2B.Data.CometB2BDB comet = new CometB2BDB();
StoredProcedure proc = comet.GetListOfAvailableDates(now);
DbDataReader reader = proc.ExecuteReader();

// Now we need to obtain the list of days we can deliver - this is all based on their postcode.
DataTable possibleDeliveryDayRecord = new DataTable();
proc = comet.GetDeliveryDatesByPostcode(postcode);
reader = proc.ExecuteReader();

DataRow deliveryDays = possibleDeliveryDayRecord.Rows[1];

foreach (DataRow row in availableDatesRecord.Rows)
string deliveryDay = row["Day"].ToString();

What is the most efficient way of doing this?


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What have you already tried? Can you post your existing code? –  Barry Mar 15 '12 at 10:14
what is the type of your ListOfDays? Strings, an enum type,...? –  CommuSoft Mar 15 '12 at 10:30

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joining list and a datatable is may be what you want. Can you use Linq? if so this was answered here

if you are still in 2.0, then i would just do nested loop on datarows, something like

List<string> days;
    foreach(DataRow dr in table.Rows)
      if days.Contains(dr[columnname])
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This simple method provides some basic functionality:

String[] days = {"monday","tuesday","sunday"};

DataTable table = new DataTable();
DataColumn dc = table.Columns.Add("day",typeof(string));


foreach(string day in days) {
    foreach(DataRow row in table.Rows) {
        if(row[dc] == day) {
            Console.WriteLine("Row {0} contains {1}",row,day);
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