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I develop a management application customers in php-gtk. I created a login window ( type hint Dock) blocking all desktops with text entries. I have a problem: These entries are all disabled. By cons when using other types hint, these fields are enabled by default. I can not use other types hint because they do not block the entire desktop. So how to use the type hint with editable text entries? Here's the code:

if(Gtk::check_version(2, 12, 0))
die ('New Tooltip API only available in GTK 2.12 or higher');
$mainWindow = new GtkWindow();
$mainWindow->set_size_request(1280, 1024);
$mainWindow->set_default_size(1280, 1024);
$mainWindow->modify_bg(Gtk::STATE_NORMAL, GdkColor::parse("#8AA1BA"));

$loginLbl = new GtkLabel('Login');
$pwdLbl = new GtkLabel('Mot de passe');
$login = new GtkEntry();
$login->set_text('Votre login');
$login->set_property('editable', true);
$login->set_property('can_focus', true);
$pwd = new GtkEntry();
$vbox = new GtkVBox();
$vbLabel = new GtkVBox();
$vbText = new GtkVBox();
$vbLabel->pack_start($loginLbl, true, false);
$vbLabel->pack_start($pwdLbl, true, false);
$vbText->pack_start($login, true, false);
$vbText->pack_start($pwd, true, false);
$hbox = new GtkHBox();
$hbox->pack_start($vbLabel, true, true);
$hbox->pack_start($vbText, true, true);
$btnSubmit = new GtkButton('Valider');
$btnSubmit->set_property('can_default', true);
$btnCancel = new GtkButton('Annuler');
$bhbox = new GtkHButtonBox();
$bhbox->pack_start($btnSubmit, false, false);
$bhbox->pack_start($btnCancel, false, false);
$loginInfoLbl = new GtkLabel();
$vbox->pack_start($loginInfoLbl, false, false);

$align = new GtkAlignment(0.5, 0.5, 1, 1);
$loginFrame = new GtkFrame();
$loginFrame->set_size_request(432, 235);
$loginFrame->set_label_widget(new GtkLabel('Connexion'));
$loginFrame->set_label_align(0, 0.5);
$mainTable = new GtkTable(3, 3);
$mainTable->attach($loginFrame, 1, 2, 1, 2, Gtk::EXPAND, Gtk::EXPAND, 0, 0);
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Dou you mean that this code as it is will result in GtkEntry-s being disabled? ...when I run this code they were all editable, I also removed the set editable true line it was still okay. – Melsi Mar 25 '12 at 0:50
I was using ubuntu 11.10. Everything is ok now with ubuntu 12.04 – Elom Mario Nov 19 '12 at 17:43

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