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I have log4j configured in my webapp (which works well) and was looking to move from Juli to log4j at the container (tomcat) level. I have added the relevant jars to tomcat bin / lib directory and a to the lib directory. It seems this configuration is ignored by tomcat.

My questions is, as I have configured log4j in my webapp and all stdout/errout messages are directed to catalina.out (via the tomcat java process)... do I even need a log configuration at the container level?

Thanks in advance for any responses :)

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It seems this configuration is ignored by tomcat.

Try to recheck your tomcat setup, these config steps are not simple, but definitely works after done exactly as they stated.

After that you will have your container level log config in $CATALINA_HOME/lib/ So to control tomcat's itself output you can add lines like these:

Concerning catalina.out file - see this SO answer.

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