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I am beginner to web development. I will be handling images in my application... Also I need to use Ajax, javascript, xml... Which will be most suitable framework supporting above needs???

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These will all work if "images, ajax, javascript, and xml" are your only requirements... Joomla is more of a CMS whereas the other two are actual frameworks. Give some more detail about what you're trying to achieve. – Alec Sanger Mar 15 '12 at 10:49
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For beginners CodeIgniter is the best framework to start with. It is simpler than any other framework around and easy to learn. There is large community of CodeIgniter and a great user guide.

There are a lot of post regarding the same topic: You may also want to see these discussion:

For experts, these is a discussion in Best PHP framework for an experienced PHP developer?

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I suggest CodeIgniter. The user guide should help you in those things.

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It's very subjective question. Some frameworks will do better than others. Examine all:

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