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So unlike most of the results I've seen. I'm trying to do the exact opposite. Retain html tags that I get through a form. While displaying the immediate form contents, gives me what I want, I need to take the form contents and re-add it to an existing HTML page.

To do that, I'm reading in the html page using DOMDocument, then finding the appropriate place, where I want to insert the "new" batch of information submitted through the form, then create a bunch of elements and add in that new batch. Problem is when I try to createElement and give it the value of my submitted information any html tags in that information is not converted to html, but has the tags on them.

$_POST['content'] = <a href="contact.html">Contact US Here!!</a>

Actual PHP Code 1:

$content = $dom->createElement('div',$_POST['content']);

Output 1 - <a href="contact.html">Contact US Here!!</a>

I've tried creating a Text Node. Then tried also using htmlentities, to convert it so that it would produce the html characters and when it saveHTMLFile was called it would convert to actual html BUT produces the same thing as $_POST['content'] (which is really frustrating).

I've also tried using createTextNode, which gives me the same results. The really strange thing is after using createTextNode, I print the value of the TextNode and it gives me what I want.

Actual PHP Code 2:

$content = $dom->createTextNode($_POST['content']);
echo $content->wholeText;

output 2 - Contact US Here!!

^ if you mouse over you'll see it's supposed to link to contact.html (it links to google, didn't know how else to show :D)

So it's obvious that saveHTMLFile() is somewhat screwing up my life, leading to the question. Is there anyway to do what I want (output 2) while using code similar to "Actual PHP Code 1"?

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I dont understand what you are trying to get for output but your question is likely a duplicate of – Gordon Mar 15 '12 at 11:12
possible duplicate of How to insert HTML to PHP DOMNode? – Gordon Mar 15 '12 at 11:33
trying to append an imported node, doesn't work for me. Also I want the content to be encoded. So if I say in the form <b>content</b>, I want the bold tags to be recognized, so that when I save to test.html, test.html will somewhere display content – popnbrown Mar 15 '12 at 16:44

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