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In my grails application I have Java classes (src/java). And I want to have access to my domain classes and use GORM features(like get(), findBy..., save(), delete() and etc.) directly from my Java classes. I know, I can do this by Spring IoC: for example, I can add grails service to my Java class:

public class SimpleJavaClass{


    private ExampleService exampleService;


And wireup each instance of this class by Spring:


GrailsApplication grailsApplication


def simpleAction(){
    def instance = new SimpleJavaClass()

But may be there is more appropriate way to do same?

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Using Grails 2.0, the only current way is to package your domain classes into a binary plugin (see http://grails.org/doc/2.0.x/guide/single.html#binaryPlugins)

You then can depend on this binary plugin and because it is precompiled the Java code will see many of the GORM methods which are wired into the byte code

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We have moved out Domain objects to a Grails plugin. Sadly, our projects are still at Grails 1.3.7 because we are using the Multi-Tenant Core plugin. Is there any way to accomplish this in Grails 1.3.7? We will hopefully be moving to a new Multi-Tenant plugin that supports Grails 2.0 (or leaving MT behind altogether) soon so your suggestion will work then. Just wondering if there is a solution we can use in the meantime. – ShatyUT Sep 13 '12 at 14:31

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