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Is this:

Web web = context.Web;
context.Load(web, w => w.Language);

or something similar in order to load web.Language with context.ExecuteQuery() possible in a silverlight client? The above code was taken from http://www.dev4side.com/community/blog/2011/1/5/incorrect-dates-taken-from-sharepoint-2010-client-object-model.aspx

When I do so, instantiating the web's Language property always yields Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.PropertyOrFieldNotInitializedException

Btw, this code is in an extra thread (not the UI thread). I know that there is context.loadQueryAsync() but I already have an extra thread and would like to keep things together.

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As far as I've tried this code works ok. Do you maybe access some other properties of the Web object that are not loaded? You'd have to include them also in your load method.

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