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hi a simple question that i couldnt figure it out. i know that if you want to compine one ore more fields in a dummy field you would say like this. Select Name & ' ' & Surname as FullName from Customer . that would return to the dummy column "FullName" the name seperated by space and then surname. BUT what happen if i want to select all the columns as one column with out needing writing explicity the name of the column that i want to compine . For example

Select * as MyDummyColumn from Customer

is there any way to do something like above ?

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Short answer: NO.

Long answer: It depends. In Oracle, for example, I would write a package (or a single procedure) which takes a parameter (tablename), and create a select programmatically, and then use the execute immediate to execute the sql ...

I´m sure, there are similar ways in other db´s.

Or using a programming language like c#, java, vb (.net or even vb6) or whatever there may be, you can generate the sql by code.

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am always afraid the answers to my questions most of the times are always negative : )) how ever am really thank you for your time ,i guess i will go ahead with standart method – user1166557 Mar 15 '12 at 13:32

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