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I'm new in objective C and I'm having problems to find this.

My app is going to be: 1) user introduces a parameter, and 2) my app returns the data in a list.

I have to do this using a website, but i don't know how to know do the request, and then how to pick up and parse the info.

How can I start??

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hi. check this link – Mudit Bajpai Mar 15 '12 at 11:59
You probably should be thinking about a REST interface with your server, possibly using AJAX technologies on the client side. – Hot Licks Mar 15 '12 at 12:28
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I think that you can handle the filter parameter in the server with a cgi or php, in the app, make the request and get the response.

1.- Get the parameter from the user like a NSString.
2.- Create a NSURL from the string (and the server adress string).
3.- The use the class method dataWithContentsOfURL from NSData to initialize a NSData object from the response url.
4.- NSData is really flexible, so you can do anything with it.

Note: dataWithContentsOfURL is synchronous, so if you want async, take a look at Grand Central Dispatch.

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It doesn't seem clear to me what you are trying to do. If you are trying to call a webservice with some parameters or just calling a website plus parameters in the end of it?

If webservice , just use the ASIHTTP Library located in here:

If website, just append your parameter to the end of the string and call it.

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