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I cannot get my afterThrowing Spring AOP advice to fire, I have made the point cut as generic as possible now and it still does not fire

I hope this is just a poor pointcut but I cannot see why, I would be grateful if anyone could see why


//Generic Exceptions

  @AfterThrowing(value = "execution(* *(..)) throws Exception", throwing = "exception")
    public void loggingGenericException(JoinPoint joinPoint, Exception exception) {
        String classMethod = this.getClassMethod(joinPoint);

        String stackTrace = "";
        for (StackTraceElement element : exception.getStackTrace()) {
            stackTrace += element.toString() + "\n";

        String exceptionMessageAndStackTrace = exception.getMessage() + "\n" + stackTrace;

        if (exception instanceof EmptyResultSetException) {
            this.infoLevelLogging(joinPoint, classMethod);
        } else {

            this.errorLevelLogging(joinPoint, classMethod, exceptionMessageAndStackTrace);

Method that should be advised

public void getStudentTranscript(String studentId) throws RestClientException,IllegalArgumentException{

        if (!this.serviceUrl.isEmpty()) {

                throw new IllegalArgumentException("studentId empty");

            this.transcript =  (Transcript) super.getForObject(this.serviceUrl,Transcript.class, studentId);

         } else {

             throw new IllegalArgumentException("url is empty");


If I run a test to check it is applied it is not working the test looks like this

public void  testLoggingFiredOnExceptionInTranscriptRepository() throws Exception
    Log log;
    log = mock(Log.class);

    try {
    } catch (RuntimeException e) {
        System.out.println("e = " + e);
        verify(log, times(1)).isErrorEnabled();
        verify(log, times(1)).error(anyString());


The system out shows an exception fired

Can anyone offer any advice ( pun intended) :-)

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Solved - problem with test setup – Shaun Hare Mar 26 '12 at 15:20

Did you put the <aop:aspectj-autoproxy /> element in your spring configuration file? Otherwise, the AOP annotations won't be interpreted.

FYI, after having read your question, I created a sample project on my own and the @AfterThrowing annotation just works as it should.

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Thanks for the answer and the effort having looked back I had declared a new instance in my testcase setup - so it did not run in AOP context – Shaun Hare Mar 26 '12 at 15:20

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