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I want to get records between start date and end date using hibernate .Like,

id     startDate                 endDate
15     2011-01-05 05:05:10   2011-05-01 09:05:10 
37     2010-03-01 05:06:10   2010-06-01 09:07:10
49     2005-01-05 03:03:03   2005-05-01 08:08:08                  

I want to retrive 15 when provided startDate=2011-01-05 05:05:10 and endDate=2011-05-01 09:05:10

I want to retrive 37 when provided startDate=2010-03-01 05:06:10 and endDate=2010-06-01 09:07:10

Can anybody tell me how to do using hibernate ? I tried using between clause but not worked .

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What Criteria did you try to use? If both startDate and endDate need to match for the row to be returned, then you can try using the following Restrictions:

Restrictions.and(Restrictions.eq("startDate",startDateValue),Restrictions.eq("endDate", endDateValue))
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Thanks a lot !!! – SP M Mar 16 '12 at 11:33
No problem! Can you accept the answer so that your question is marked as answered? – Mike Bockus Mar 16 '12 at 16:07

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