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I've a table called data with columns ip, report_date, group, value. The primary key is ip, report_date and group together.

When the table is empty and I run the statement below there is nothing inserted. What's wrong with my statement?

When there is a match the record is updates according plan...

MERGE bc_data2 AS Target
USING (SELECT ip, report_date, group, value FROM bc_data2 As b
WHERE b.ip = ''
AND b.report_date = '2/29/2012'
AND b.group = 'EPO-Client-Update') AS Source
ON (Target.ip = Source.ip
AND Target.frequency = Source.frequency
AND Target.report_date = Source.report_date
AND Target.service = Source.service
AND Target.proxy_service = Source.proxy_service
AND Target.proxy = Source.proxy
AND Target.service_group = Source.service_group)
    UPDATE SET Target.value = Target.value + 1
    INSERT (ip, report_date, group, value)
    VALUES ('', '2/29/2012', 'EPO-Client-Update', 119437142);
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Something quick to try - take out BY Target? Also are you doing this inside TRY/CATCH? Is there a trigger on bc_data2? Maybe there is an error or intentional rollback that you're not seeing. –  Aaron Bertrand Mar 15 '12 at 13:00
i'm trying the statement directly in server management studio. removing 'by target' doesn't make any difference. –  Bas Mar 15 '12 at 13:04

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You don't add any rows because your using clause is not returning any rows. Put your constants in the using clause with column aliases and use the fields in the when not matched

Something like this with a couple of fields removed simplicity.

merge bc_data2 as T
using (select '' as ip,
              '2012-02-29' as report_date,
              1194370142 as value) as S
on T.ip = S.ip and
   T.report_date = S.report_date
when matched then
  update set T.value = T.value + 1
when not matched then
  insert (ip, report_date, value) 
    values(ip, report_date, value);
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+1 - Good catch –  Lamak Mar 15 '12 at 13:43
thank you! could have solved that myself :$ –  Bas Mar 15 '12 at 16:06

I've found that NULLs don't compare well in the ON clause of the MERGE statement. However, converting NULLs to blanks is a valid workaround. I would modify the the ON statement to look something like this.

ON (ISNULL(Target.ip, '')           = ISNULL(Source.ip, '')
AND ISNULL(Target.frequency, '')    = ISNULL(Source.frequency, '')
AND ISNULL(Target.report_date, '')  = ISNULL(Source.report_date, '')
AND ...)
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