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in my axis webservice client project i have client-config.wsdd file in which i use java:org.apache.axis.handlers.LogHandler which is

    <deployment name="defaultClientConfig"

   <handler name="log"
      <parameter name="LogHandler.fileName" value="../logs/xyz-Axis.log" />

      <parameter name="disablePrettyXML" value="false" />
         <handler type="log" />
         <handler type="log" />

   <transport name="http"
      pivot="java:org.apache.axis.transport.http.HTTPSender" />
   <transport name="local"
      pivot="java:org.apache.axis.transport.local.LocalSender" />
   <transport name="java"
      pivot="" />

for generating log file so i can see request and response of webservice. but some how it's not working, or i can't able to find it please help

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you need to define client-config.wsdd into root level of project and need to change in

 <handler name="log"
  <parameter name="LogHandler.fileName" value="xyz-Axis.log"/>

so the xyz-Axis.log will generate at same level of client-config.wsdd

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