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I have a custom UITableView cell that has a UIImageView sized to the width of the cell at the top, and a UILabel underneath it.

A UITableViewCell has an imageView property. If the image view's image is set, then it pushes the cell textLabel to the right, to accomodate the image. I would like to do something similar with my table view cell (except that my label would be pushed down).

How could I accomplish this?

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A simple way to do it is to subclass UITableViewCell and override layoutSubviews method.

Here a simple example.

@interface CustomCell : UITableViewCell


@implementation CustomCell

- (void)layoutSubviews
   [super layoutSubviews];

   // grab bound for contentView
   CGRect contentViewBound = self.contentView.bounds;

   if(self.imageView.image) {
      // do stuff here, for example put the image right...
      CGRect imageViewFrame = self.imageView.frame;
      // change x position
      imageViewFrame.postion.x = contentViewBound.size.width - imageViewFrame.size.width;
      // assign the new frame
      self.imageView.frame = imageViewFrame;

   else {
      // do stuff here

In particular inside this method you can position the components for your cell depending on image.

Hope it helps.

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Yes I was just trying out something along this line, it's good to get some reassurance that I'm on the right path. Thanks! –  Darren Mar 15 '12 at 14:31

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