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I am new to c++ programming,

I have a c++ project developed in visual studio 2010, and now I am developping a COM project in VS2008. In this project I have to include some files used in the c++ project (developed in VS2010).

When I tried to include a header file from the C++ project (developed in VS2010), the compiler gives error "cannot find stdint.h file".

Is this problem with my installed visual studio?

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The stdint.h file is only available with vs2010 and not with vs2008. As a temporary solution you can copy the stdint.h file from include folder of an installed visual studio 2010, (c:\ProgramFiles\VS\include\stdint.h) and add that to your 2008 project.

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yaa thats a good idea ...thankyou very much –  goldenptr Mar 15 '12 at 13:39

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