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I have a ImageView in my relative layout. How can I get all the parametres of this ImageView: not the x and y but I need all the parametres from this view: like CenterHorizontal = true etc...

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you can use int[] RelativeLayout.LayoutParams.getRules() defined here http://developer.android.com/reference/android/widget/RelativeLayout.LayoutParams.html#getRules().

Take the rules, parse it and get the value.

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To get the Rules(i.e Parameter) use RelativeLayout.LayoutParams

So u need to get The LayoutParams from View.

To get all Rules use getRules() in RelativeLayout.LayoutParams

The array of point to RelativeLayout constant by index.

For example rule[RelativeLayout.ALIGN_LEFT] contain ID of the View align left and rule[RelativeLayout.CENTER_HORIZONTAL] contain RelativeLayout.TRUE if it is set

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