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Can someone tell me how I can disable all controls within a div?

The div is set to runat="server"

Many thanks for your help.

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You probably want to use a Panel control (which renders a <div>), have those controls you want disabled contained within it and then set the Panel's Enabled property to false.

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Thanks for a simple solution - bung it in panel and myPanel.enabled = false simples! :) –  William Contestabile Mar 15 '12 at 14:07

Since the OP asked how to do this with a DIV with runat="server" I thought I'd add a solution for that:

myDiv.Attributes.Add("Disabled", "");

That's what a Panel with Enabled = false is rendered as anyway, and requires no change in your code. There is no need for a attribute value (like True), since the presence of the attribute itself is enough.

Note: to enable your DIV again, you can't just set the Disabled attribute to False. You have to remove the attribute alltogether:

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