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taking value in 1st textbox and want to display it in 2nd..

1st <input type="text" value=" " id = "marks1" name = "marks1" onblur = "myFunction('marks1')"     />
2nd <input type="text" value=" " id = "marks2" name = "marks1" disabled = "disabled"   />

and on oblur I am calling a function. Whenever I change the value from UI, on function call I am getting the old value i.e. ' ' instead of changed value. in the variable "value" the old value which i am getting, i am unable to display it on 2nd textbox.

function myFunction( txtname )
    var txtobj = document.getElementsByName(txtname);
    var value = txtobj[0].value;
    alert("my value : "+value);
    txtobj[1].value =  value;

I know the code is okay, but it is not working at me. Is there any other way?

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name and id share the same namespace. If they are both used for an element they should be identical. You're using name where class would be more appropriate. – thomthom Mar 15 '12 at 14:20
You already posted the a question with the same problem! not changing textbox value from ui – epascarello Mar 15 '12 at 14:22
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Works for me:

function myFunction(element)
    var txtobj = document.getElementsByName(element);
    var value = txtobj[0].value;
    txtobj[1].value =  value;

Are you getting an error?

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Try it this way:

function myFunction( txtname )
    var txtobj = document.getElementById(txtname);
    var target = document.getElementById("marks2");
    target.value = txtobj.value;
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Here is a simple way to set the next textbox's value.

function moveText(ele){

    document.getElementById("marks2").value = ele.value;


Then use the following in your html markup

<input type="text" id="marks1" onblur="moveText(this)" />
<input type="text" id="marks2" disabled="disabled" />
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