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I have a project on Java technology( A web application using SpringMVC). Database as MS access. It contains some tables having primary key, relationships n all. I have to implement a search module where in user is provided with 4-5 input boxes or combo boxes, basically to provide input based on that a particular data set can be retrieved from database on a button click and displayed on page in data grid. But i am looking forward for fast search method(Like in Google we do) as soon as the user inputs the value the data in the grid changes itself without clicking the button. data grid refreshes itself on respective values entered by the user. i haven't tried anything like before. So want to know from where to proceed. Any codes or useful links ? please help. Thanks.

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from the sound of it, you're not looking for "fast search", you're looking for an autocomplete popup –  vol7ron Mar 15 '12 at 14:28
No he is not looking for an autocomplete. He is looking out for a feature similar to Google Instant. There is a lot of difference between the two. If you talk about Google, Autocomplete is a "small" data size application ("relative comparision", though Google Autocomplete is alsohuge) as compared to Google instant which is a mammoth data application :) –  Yavar Mar 15 '12 at 17:31
Ryt Yavar... :) vol7ron Sir i already have auto complete working fine in my application. That i use for the user to enter values quickly in text box but once the value entered The search on that value in database is what i want. It should take place fast and results are shown as soon as the value entered rather clicking on any button. U know kind of Dynamically displaying search results. –  user1230183 Mar 16 '12 at 6:09

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Google uses jQuery with Ajax to achieve this. You'd have to capture the key events and postback based on this.

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I asked a similar question on SO sometime back. This might be of interest to you: Interesting Computing stuff in designing User Interfaces

Before talking about jQuery/Ajax stuff I would like to say that it requires a superfast server application (which is the primary thing) that does gives you the results in few milliseconds.

I am using Solr Search Engine to index Tera Bytes of data, on front end I use jsonp/javascript for rendering. But remember another important thing here, at each key press the result in the grid should change that means you have to query your search engine or sql or whatever which will fetch you the results for that partial match of your query. For such kind of partial matches as with Google Instant you require NGram Indexing at the backend coupled with few other things.

Give it a Go! It is an interesting problem to solve even if it is reinventing the wheel.

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