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Here is my routes.rb

scope :path_names => {:new => "creaza", :edit => "modifica", :sign_up => "inregistreaza", :sign_in => "autentificare", :sign_out => "iesire", :show => "vezi"} do
resources :nota, :only => [:new, :create]

And here is the output of rake routes:

nota POST   /nota(.:format)                                          nota#create
new_notum GET    /nota/creaza(.:format)                                   nota#new

What? notum? Where does 'notum' come from?


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"notum" is Rails's attempt to depluralize "nota". This question contains some information on how to override these plurals, and here's an article about adapting the inflector for languages besides English. See also this section in the routing guide.

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