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i got this call in my controller:

@tournaments = Tournament.unignored.all(
:include => [:matches,:sport,:category],
:conditions=> ["matches.status in (0,4) 
               && < ?",
:order => "sports.sort ASC, categories.sort ASC, tournaments.sort ASC")

All works out in production mode and in the development console as well. But when I try to browse to that certain page in development mode i get:

The error occurred while evaluating nil.each

When I paste the created SQL Query into MySQL Browser there are results.

It refers to mysql2 (0.2.11) lib/active_record/connection_adapters/mysql2_adapter.rb:587:in `select'

The query arrives correctly in this one.

Did anyone had similar problems? This error came out of nowhere. No updates etc...


Rails 3.0.9 MySql 5.5 Ruby 1.8.7 and mysql2 0.2.11 gem
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The included category messed it up. Still have no idea why it works out on the server. – user1261284 Mar 15 '12 at 20:48

It looks like you need to use :joins instead of :include.

the :include option to all (and find and where etc) tells rails to separately do a query to load all the ncessary data for the given associated records.

The :join option gets rails to perform an SQL query that JOIN`s the associated models so you can query on their fields.

If you want to both query on the fields and preload them into the associations, you need to do both:

@tournaments = Tournament.unignored.all(
:include => [:matches,:sport,:category],
:joins => [:matches,:sport,:category],
:conditions=> ["matches.status in (0,4) 
               && < ?",
:order => "sports.sort ASC, categories.sort ASC, tournaments.sort ASC")
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