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I'm working on an amateur JVM implementation, and I'm trying to make sure I have test coverage for all of the opcodes in the spec. I've gotten it down to the last few, but nop and swap have been eluding me. For example, here's a simple function that might use swap:

static int do_swap() {
  int a = 56;
  int b = 32;
  return b%a;

But the bytecode produced by javac 1.6 avoids swapping in lieu of local storage:

static int do_swap();
   0:   bipush  56
   2:   istore_0
   3:   bipush  32
   5:   istore_1
   6:   iload_1
   7:   iload_0
   8:   irem
   9:   ireturn

Any ideas?

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None. The Java Language Specification does not provide such guarantees. You can just write your own Java bytecode using Jasmin (a bytecode assembler).

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I think the Krakatau assembler would be more useful for generating JVM test cases, since it supports more obscure features of the classfile format that Jasmin doesn't. (Disclosure I wrote it). But for something simple like this, Jasmin is good enough. –  Antimony May 20 at 8:45

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